Fraser Family Dental Clinic, Vancouver, BC offers you a collective experience of 32 years in dentistry between Dr Kashyap Vora and Dr Shivani Vora.

Whilst practising dentistry, it enables them to diagnose and execute a plan that offers the most suited treatment to their patients under one roof. They are able to offer all dental services including Orthodontics, Oral Surgery and Implants, Sedation, Endodontics, Dentures, Cosmetics, in a sequence most suited to their patient's needs.

The goal at Fraser Family Dental Clinic, Vancouver, BC is to offer the whole range of various aspects of family dentistry in a prompt, personable and a pleasant environment.

The dental clinic prides itself on providing personalized care for all their patients. We want to know your concerns and your desires, so that we may recommend a plan of action that works for you.

For your convenience, we accept most of the insurance plans & we will charge the insurance company directly on your behalf. We do not charge more than the College recommended fee guide.

We endeavour to provide prompt dental care to patients in pain and a consultation appointment within 48 hours to new patients.